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Brain Crash 1.0

Braincrash is a very exciting game which gives your brain a perception challenge
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Braincrash is a very exciting game which gives your brain a challenge to clearly do the perception of visual elements with reality. This application comes with a very catchy phrase ‘Your brain does not work right’ which is well proved once the player starts playing the game. The main theme behind the game is to make the mind perceive the correct information both visually and logically. The word red is written with blue ink and Blue is written with another color. The user has to match the words where the name of the color matches the ink color of the word. A clock keeps on ticking which further enhances the games excitement. Faster matching gives more points. The player also has to be careful in matching the color with the text because incorrect matching will take him two levels back. The main advantage of this game apart from exercising the brain is that it does not require high end systems and runs smoothly on smaller end systems as well. The game can run on any system which has the windows 98 or newer version.

Neeraj Joshi
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